Rowing Machine vs Bike Machine for Cardio

Some people have asked, which is better between rowing machines and bike machines, among them want to find the best solution for doing cardio exercise, but do not cause their knees to become problematic.

Before we discuss further which choices should be used, it’s better if we try to review what cardio is.

Cardio exercise is an exercise activity that aims to strengthen the heart and lungs. Besides being able to improve body function in utilizing oxygen, cardio exercise is also beneficial in improving heart rate, blood pressure, and breathing. There are many types of simple cardio sports that you can try, such as walking, running, cycling, and swimming.

Various Benefits of Cardio Excercise

Not only is the heart healthy, but there are also other benefits that you can get from this cardio exercise, including:

  • Reduce stress

Cardio exercise has benefits that can make your body more relaxed and calm. This is because cardio can release endorphins which can reduce stress and improve your mood. A study even revealed that exercising regularly such as walking for 30 minutes at least 15 days was proven to reduce stress and reduce symptoms of depression.

  • Improve the immune system

In a study comparing two groups of women who were active in cardio with women who had never exercised, a very significant difference was seen. The group of women who are active in cardio exercise has a stronger immune system than those who are not active. In addition, groups that are not actively doing cardio exercise tend to have higher stress levels. Excess stress is one of the factors that can weaken the body’s immunity.

  • Improve sleep quality

If you have a sleep disorder every night, try cardio. According to one study, regular cardio exercise is believed to be able to help improve the quality of sleep and make you sleep better. However, you should avoid doing cardio close to bedtime, this will only make it difficult for you to sleep. Limit the time to cardio exercise at least two hours before your bedtime.

  • Maintain blood sugar levels

A study reveals that doing cardio regularly can help prevent type 2 diabetes and reduce symptoms. This is because exercise can improve the body’s way of using blood sugar and also reduce insulin resistance.

  • Lower cholesterol and weight

One way to reduce cholesterol is to do cardio. The researchers believe doing physical activities such as cardio can increase good cholesterol levels and reduce bad cholesterol. In addition, cardio exercise is also able to lose weight in obese people.

Bike Machine Gym

Bike machine sports nowadays in it’s growing up to increasing. Besides being fun to do together in a fitness class, it turns out that this one sport is very minimal risk, especially the risk of endangering the joints.

A bicycle machine is a simple simulator tool shaped like a bicycle that can be paddled as if someone was cycling without having to leave the house. By setting this tool in such a way, we can be like “cycling” really like being on the road.

Simply use a static bicycle device, we do not need to use a helmet and face obstacles in the form of rough-textured roads, as well as climbs and derivatives to make the body healthy

By doing cycling exercise will help increase vitality, burn calories and also avoid stress.

How to use a bike machine is very simple, just try to sit on the saddle and the benefits will be obtained by pedaling the pedal

Regularly doing cycling has great benefits to strengthen cardio.

At least to burn the calories of a body with a prosthesis is the right sport.

Cycling can burn 300 calories per hour at medium speed, 400 calories per hour at high speed and 700 calories by mountain biking on heavy terrain for 1 hour

Benefits of Excercise Static Bike Machine


  • Helps Reduce Cholesterol.

Actually, cholesterol will not always be in bad connotations. Like bacteria, there are kinds of good and bad. Cholesterol also consists of good cholesterol and bad cholesterol. Bad cholesterol can actually cause the risk of heart disease.

During normal levels, cholesterol will not be dangerous. Therefore, it must be known, static cycling will keep good cholesterol high and reduce bad cholesterol levels.

The positive effects of exercise have gone through various studies. This proves that people who have cholesterol problems should do regular exercise and physical activities such as using static bicycles machine using

  • Lose weight

If you want to lose weight, an exercise static bicycle can be a tool to help you burn calories and fat, and even increase oxygen levels in the body. Calorie burning will depend on weight, weight, duration, and intensity of exercise.

When the training load is increased, the number of calories burned can increase even at the same intensity and duration. With this exercise, losing weight can be more effective depending on the condition of the body.

  • Reducing Diabetes Risk

Physical exercise that promotes endurance such as static bicycles can benefit people with diabetes. Diabetes is characterized by excess sugar in the blood. When cycling is static, the muscles will use glucose and as a result, the blood sugar level will decrease.

In addition, exercise like this provides an advantage to insulin wherein, insulin is a hormone released by the body and regulates the level of sugar in the blood. For people who have diabetes, insulin doesn’t work well.

By exercising regularly, it can increase insulin, which works to reduce blood sugar.

  • Healthy heart

A well-trained heart beats less and has a lower pacemaker, both at rest and during exercise conditions. Ideally, blood pressure guarantees blood circulation in the arteries, also lower in a healthy heart.

People who are accustomed to practicing have the possibility of having fewer stroke. Regular exercise is needed at least 30-45 minutes in 2 to 3 times a week.

Static bikes are the ideal exercise for training the heart and see the improvement after you train yourself with static biking.

  • Strengthens Muscles

Exercising using a static bicycle is not only good for your lower body (legs), but also your hands, stomach, and back. When cycling the lower part of the body will certainly work more.

Then, the back will maintain the body position. The muscles in the arms also work even though they are less than other parts of the body. When the load on a static bicycle is increased, the muscles will work harder, so they can form muscles.

Whereas, a low load on a static bicycle is good for warming up and helps increase endurance. Of course, routine training is needed to get the best results.

  • Light exercise for joints

This exercise is often recommended for rehabilitation especially after a foot or ankle injury. Static bikes are light and smooth sports for joints that can help restore injury.

However, instructions are still needed or consult with a doctor first

  • Prevent Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s

It is important for a person aged 65 years and over to stay active and exercise regularly. Many studies show that physical activity carried out routinely can reduce the risk of decreased disease, such as Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s.

This can be proven because physical exercise stimulates certain areas of the brain. Static bikes are a sports tool that can be done by almost all ages from 9 to 99 years old.

Research also highlights that it’s never too late for anyone who wants to start exercising.

  • Good for breathing

Actually, regular cycling cannot increase lung capacity. However, physical exercise such as static bikes increases the work of the muscles, muscles need less oxygen during exercise and produce less carbon dioxide.

So when you get used to it, you will not easily run out of breath compared to those who rarely do cycling exercises. Plus, if done regularly, it will help improve breathing capacity.

Because the frequency and intensity of breathing will be better  to regulate

  • Minimizing the Risk of Injury

During cycling, it is possible to get an injury because the joints can face large pressure, depending on the path.

In fact, if you go through a difficult path you can just fall off a bicycle. So, using a bike machine will be safer and also will be less likely to be injured.

  • Longevity

Regular exercise not only prevents various diseases, delays and reduces various symptoms of the disease. But also, maintaining the effectiveness of the immune system in the body, especially for the elderly.

Cycling regularly with static bike machine can extend the lifetime and make you live longer.

  • Increase Mood


If you cycle with a static bike machine, your body will release hormones called endorphins and serotonin. Both of these hormones are called happy hormones, which will bring good to the body and improve mood, also reduce stress.

This activity can be anti-stress and antidepressants so as to make someone feel happier. In addition, static cycling can help to stop smoking.

The production of endorphins is stimulated by sports activities that reduce the symptoms of addiction so that it can help smokers quit smoking.

  • Alternative Exercising

Activities and busy schedules are often a barrier to outdoor exercise. Static bikes can be an alternative for anyone who is busy and has limited time.

This sporting equipment is also suitable for children and parents alike. Despite a busy schedule, the body will remain fit and not susceptible to disease.

Rowing Machine

The rowing machine is basically the design of sports equipment by taking the cones to mimic the movement of rowing the boat in the water, making it a full body exercise

Nowadays rowing machines are increasingly popular, and this is one of the Gym equipment that is used for exercises that are beneficial in maintaining body fitness

Especially since the House of Card drama was able to drive the sales of WaterRower, rowing machine sports are increasingly popular and become one of the high searches

Rowing machines, also known as paddlers and ergometers, have recently become the latest trend in the fitness world. Many statements that this rowing machine equipment provides benefits by burning calories.

Some fitness experts say that using a rowing machine burns about 10-15% more calories than running or cycling!

Some of the Benefits of Using a Rowing Machine


  • Effective aerobic exercise

Regardless of your age, this sport with a rowing machine will train fitness that includes cardio and is an important contributor to overall health.

The benefits of aerobic exercise by using a rowing machine regularly including for losing weight, increasing stamina, and a stronger immune system.

Endorphins released during exercise can also help improve your mood and sleep quality.

This exercise requires the use of many major muscle groups, rowing machines are an effective way to increase heart rate and increase oxygen intake for effective cardio exercise.

Adjustable resistance for most paddlers allows you to easily adjust the target heart rate or slow it back to a lower rate

  • Weight loss

Regular exercise using a rowing machine will help you burn calories, tighten muscles, and provide more energy.

Rowing machine exercises burn an average of 600 calories per hour. Compared to other Gym machines it is more efficient to burn calories.

On a static bicycle without arm involvement, you have to drive about 78 minutes to match the 60-minute exercise on the rowing machine.

By doing a combination to eat healthy and balanced foods, exercising consistently using a rowing machine is a great way to help achieve your desired fitness goals.

  • For Upper Body Exercise

Using a rowing machine for exercise provides good upper body workouts

Rowers train rhomboids on the shoulders, trapezii in the upper back, and lat on the lower back.

With the benefits of your back with better posture and a reduction in back pain.

This rowing machine also provides good exercise for biceps, abdominal muscles.

During rowing you need to grip firmly on the paddle, thus also developing stronger hands and wrists

  • For Lower Body Exercise

Another benefit of using a rowing machine is training for the lower body.

In fact, some fans of rowing machines consider this sport primarily for lower body exercises.

The main leg muscles involved are the front thighs of the thighs, but calves and glute (buttocks) also feel the pressure due to the exercise of this rowing machine.

Building legs and strong glutes will help you look amazing so that your lower body actually burns calories faster.

In addition to increasing strength and muscle, resistance training in rowing machines is a great way to maintain flexibility and balance.

  • For Cardio Low Impact

Those who are overweight or have rowing machine joint problems are a good alternative for those who cannot do weight-bearing exercises, such as running, walking, hiking and yoga.

Paddling has a natural and low impact, provides minimal pressure on the joints and is very good for preventing injury and is also a very good way to strengthen and care for the knee after surgery.

Maybe the problem of back strain is a problem, you can minimize the risk by using the correct paddle shape.

  • To Increase Endurance

Exercise using a rowing machine may be tiring at first, but this will be paid for by the long-term benefits of regular exercise which will increase your endurance and give you more energy.

Because rowing exercises are cardiovascular and train all major muscle groups

With regular use, this will increase stamina and increase your metabolism. So that more energy means you can do things that you like more powerfully!

  • Easy To Use

Even if you don’t row on the water with a rowboat sitting on the dock does not mean you cannot enjoy the same physical benefits of rowing using a rowing machine

You can buy a rowing machine at an affordable price and use it to do sports conveniently in your own home

So you can easily practice at any time as long as you want because it is easily accessible after having it, like rowing, is much more interesting.

  • Affordable Price

There are many kinds of rowing machine choices, both upper class, and lower class. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on top class rowers, you can look for a rowing machine that won’t damage your finances.

There are many models with extensive features under $ 200. Maybe you can go to a rower at your gym, but if rowing is your main form of exercise, you can save money in the long run by having it yourself

  • That is fun!

Because rowing trains your whole body, it’s easier to do it, or you can invite friends who give more motivation so it will be more fun

You can challenge yourself by increasing resistance so that you can track the progress of your practice after an experience.

You can also rotate the speaker by listening to your favorite songs, put your favorite shows on TV so jumping on your rowing machine will be fun!

Rowing Machine vs Bike Machine What is Better

To determine which of the best choices actually depends on your needs

Theoretically, using a rowing machine will be far more efficient and have a better training impact than using a bike machine, this is because with a rowing machine it will involve all the main muscles, up to that your hands, back, and also your feet

It’s different from using a bike machine, this will only train your lower leg, and your hands don’t do a lot of heavy movements, but this is still useful for cardio exercises that are useful for increasing your heart and lungs.

But if you have a problem with your arm muscles, maybe using this rowing machine will be a very heavy exercise, and it can be even worse the problem of your arm muscles is problematic, so it is better to ensure that you do not have problems with your hands or feet if you choose rowing machines are an alternative sport in your home, but if the problem doesn’t overload the exercise, you can adjust resistance during training


Maintaining physical fitness is very important for your life when your body is sick and unable to carry out normal activities, this will make your life uncomfortable, possessing many assets and wealthy does not give you much happier when you get sickness

One way to exercise at home is to have exercise equipment, be it a rowing machine or a bike machine, or other sports equipment on the market, of course adjusting to your financial budget and also what equipment needs to be purchased

Thus when you are busy with your daily activities and don’t have time to go to the Gym then you can do it at home, for 30 or 60 minutes to maintain your body fitness, as many people say, that health is expensive, so keep health with exercise regular

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