Rowing Machine From House Of Card

Trend rowing machines are becoming more popular today.

One of the beautiful and unique rowing machines began to become a search trend for rowers.

Waterrowers are rowing machines made of wood, this rowing machine is becoming more popular because of Kevin Spacy as a rowing machine used in ‘House of Cards’.

Waterrowers are a type of wooden rowing machine that is produced and produced by Waterrower Inc. in New England, USA.

The former US rower national team john Duke had designed this rowing machine in the mid-1980s and the company produced it in 1988.

The price of this rowing machine is quite expensive, not the cheapest on the market, but this rowing machine works very well, is quiet, easily stored and beautiful to look at.

Beginning with fans of House of Cards, protagonist Frank Underwood is nothing more than retreating to the basement at his home for a training interlude on a rowing machine – meditative release after a cheating day, eating ribs for breakfast, and threatening coworkers.

The water rower shown throughout the Netflix series House of Cards drama is becoming increasingly popular which is not possible in itself.

Different sports equipment than usual, which uses around tank filled with water on the front, has been increasingly popular since it was first used by the protagonists of the show in the drama House Of Card

Kevin Spacey, who played a cruel politician, Frank Underwood, regularly trained paddlers and even dreamed of it.

This beautiful wooden tool is called WaterRower

The WaterRower is designed to mimic the feeling of a boat gliding along a river or lake, this rowing machine creates resistance with a tank filled with water, and the difficulty level adjusts naturally to the user.

This is quieter than a rower that is air-resistant, requires no external power, has a small footprint and can be stored upright when not in use.

Construction of heavy equipment also needs attention. This is handmade in Rhode Island hardwood which is managed sustainably from the Appalachian Forest

WaterRower design


Most of the designs of Waterrowers are made of wood harvested from Appalachian forests which are maintained in the eastern United States on an ongoing basis.

The design of the machines is very good and beautiful to see coming from Ash, Oak or Cherry wood.

This is perfect for those of you who are worried about having a sports machine in the living room because with a wooden model it will fit and resemble your living room

The WaterRower is also very quiet when you use it, because of the wood construction and the use of different strings from the chain.

And what makes the atmosphere in your practice as if on a river is the swishing sound of water in the tank when you use this rowing machine


For WaterRower storage points this is enough by placing it upright, with the tank acting as ballast for stability.

You can place this on the side of your living room, with materials made of wood that will be similar to the color of your home furniture

In an upright position, the rowing machine only requires about two square feet. However, if you have small children, it is better to make a rope over the wall, so that it is not easily shaken when your child tries to play it

With storage that stands upright, this also does not fill a lot of space in your living room.

Water Rowing Features

WaterRower seat with a flat design, there isn’t much difference

with a rowing machine in general, but this is better for people with chronic knee problems. The seat feels soft and comfortable and the handle is sturdy and gives a good grip.

Maybe the weakness in this water rower is on the footrest, especially if you paddle barefoot, it will be difficult to do it

While they are quite adequate if you want to paddle with shoes.

Plastic is really square at the bottom and has sharp edges that can hurt your heels. And it can also happen that your shoes are stuck when entering and removing them

Besides that the seating angle is also another disadvantage, Waterrowers have greater resistance to catches, which puts more pressure on the lower back at this point making it uncomfortable

WaterRower Dimension

What are the dimensions of each model?

The size of this rowing machine with the design has been prepared in such a way, with each model having almost the same dimensions, but each model has a different character.


WaterRower Profil Company

WaterRower Inc. designing and producing exceptional indoor rowing simulators for personal and commercial use.

WaterRower Inc. originally designed in 1988 by John Duke, inventor of the unique WaterRower WaterFlywheel.

The original offices and workshops were and continue to be based in Rhode Island, in the small coastal town of Warren.

Initially, the company had an office at Fulham in London. In 1991 WaterRower (UK) Ltd was formed and marketed and distributed WaterRower on the European continent, under a license owned by WaterRower Inc

The 1993 agreement gave WaterRower (UK) Ltd additional rights to produce WaterRower, under license, for Europe. The workshop was established in the stately home of Earl and Countess of Sandwich, Mapperton Manor.


European Headquarters is currently at Ravenscourt Park in West London, wherein 1995 the company made its office and workshop on one roof

WaterRower has a simple search, to allow other people to feel the physical benefits and physiological pleasure that is a hobby of rowing.

Paddles have long been known as perfect aerobic exercise. Historically this was only the entertainment of a handful of people who had privileges.

This company has tried hard to provide rowing machines with the best design, quality, and service.

  • Website
  • Headquarters at Warren, Rhode Island
  • Since 1988
  • The type of company: Closed Company
  • Size: 201-500 employees
  • Specialization: Design and manufacture of indoor rowing simulators, rowing machines


This is one of the best indoor rowing machines you can buy. With a design made of solid ash wood and finished with oak honey coloring.

This choice of rowing machine is great for those who need to store it in the living room because it does not interfere with and in accordance with your interior decoration.

By saving it in the living room, it’s easier to reach it and use it. Or if you want to save it in the warehouse, it is easily folded without the need to dismantle it because it has been designed correctly – perfect for saving space.

WaterRower, it’s powered by water, and that this machine is handmade from wood, it doesn’t cause noise or vibration.

Perhaps the only noise it produces is a soft spill of water in the tank.

About the tank, this rowing machine is very smooth and has a patented flywheel.

The flywheel is not only very low noise but is designed to give a simulation of the feeling of being in an actual rowboat.

You can adjust the obstacles provided by this water flywheel, the faster you row, the more obstacles you feel.

Computers on machines are intended for competitive rowers – very user-friendly. The monitor tracks the intensity, heart rate, heart rate, duration, distance, and other statistics. With this monitor, you can track progress over time.

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